S.O. Architect was formed in 1992 by Steven Oon who has accumulated vast experience in the design, development and implementation of a wide variety of projects locally and overseas. We pay particular emphasis on good planning. sustainability, and pursuit of design excellence.


The principle goal of the firm is to establish an architectural practice that excels in innovations, creativity, and optimization of resources and long-term client satisfaction.


This is achieved through personalized attention by the principal architects to the client’s needs, research and development, active participation by the client and backed by experienced technical and computer-aided design and production methods.


The Principals have always taken the critical stand that successes achieved in past projects are largely the result of an active and constructive interactions between the FIRM and CLIENT.


The Firm has successfully completed numerous individually designed bungalows with innovative and specially outstanding characteristics.


The Firm is involved in housing and commercial projects in Kuantan and Banting, and is currently designing some of the largest bungalows around Kuala Lumpur / Selangor. It is also active in the design of corporate headquarters, factories/ warehouses and other commercial buildings.