Management Team

Ar Steven Oon (Principal)
• He started his career in Malaysia with Akitek Kesatuan in early 1980’s as Design and Project Architect for ESSO and Petronas mixed developments costing RM600 million in Kertih, rengganu amongst other projects, such as ‘Jamnah View’ condominium, Bukit Damansara and the Kolej Ugama, Tengganu.


• Previously, he worked in Melbourne, Australia with Best Overend & Partners (Architects & Town planners) and also with the Commonwealth Dept. of housing & construction in Melbourne. The projects that he was involved in included banks, maritime colleges, clubs, cluster housing and low-density housing developments.

• He gained experience in Interiors with the construction of Princess Hotel and City-Square under the Low-Yat Group in 1990 with the involvement of Thai-designers and Steven Leach International. Together with RCTP Design Associates completed the V.I.P Viewing gallery of Shah Alam Stadium. Similarly , the joint-effort successfully completed the office of The Commonwealth Development Corporation at IJM Building, Kuala Lumpur.

• The vast experience gained in design and project implementation include his working experience in KUMPULAN AKITEK involved in the design and renovation of JAYA SHOPPING COMPLEX, Petaling Jaya ; AMPANG HILIR Condominium, Kuala Lumpur , SENAI INDUSTRIAL PARK (500acres), Johore and the SOCSO Headquarters Building, Jalan Ampang.


• He has travelled from Australia to across Europe (Italy, Spain, Greece, England, Scotland, Netherlands etc.) and Bali in order to gain a wider spectrum of architectural styles and forms in different locations and periods of time. He is currently involved in various developments both commercial and residential and his passion for designing excellent individual ‘life-style houses has always been challenging for him in the right circumstances.



Alex Ng (Project Director)
• After graduating from Australia, Alex worked with Nippon Paint. He gained exponential experience with paint technology. Seconded to train and work in Japan for 2 years in the 1980’s.


• Subsequently he ventured into many successful pioneering businesses; such as auto-gate systems, importing & application of Korean textured spray paints for major projects throughout Malaysia.


• He has been a contractor for concrete structural works & finishing works for several types of buildings.

• He was attached to various companies in steel construction and heavy construction. He has extensive project managing experience from projects in Malaysia and abroad.

• He was attached to United Engineers as Senior Engineer for many of their major buildings, including coordinating all aspects of work from inception to completion of KLIA 2.

• He is conversant in project management, liason with authorities, has closed links with financial institutions & financial planners & building developers.

• Currently he is the business development director; advises & directs project planning & project management for S.O. Architect.



Ferdinand Henry (Design Director)
• His passion for the arts brought him to study in Paris, France. There he studied at the Sorbonne, studying French Civilization and History of Architecture. He learnt about postmodern architecture and had firsthand experience with most major works by the likes of Walter Gropius to Le Corbusier. He travelled Europe to view and study the works of past and leading architects around the world.


• He then went on to study architecture at the ECOLE SPECIALE D’ARCHITECTURE in Paris where he obtained his degree in architecture. In Paris he worked for Alain and Partners. There he obtained vast knowledge in museum design. He studied the quality of light and space trying to merge them in total harmony. He was part of the design team involved in the design of various galleries in and around the ST. German district. There he also was involved in the construction of various window display.


• After spending 8 years in Paris he found that there were much more interesting things being thought on paper in London although in practice Paris had by far more cutting-edge architecture built. So, with this in mind he moved to London in 1996. He studied at the North London University where he learnt about the relationship between machines and architecture. There he pushed all boundaries relating machines with architecture. In London he worked with MAF. Ltd, a group of dedicated architects responsible for a no of low rise residential and commercial buildings.


• On his return to Malaysia in 2005 he started to introduce the disciplines that he brought with him in his residential projects. His first house design in Gita Bayu reflects the design of pure architecture devoid of all things ornamental. He also mixed traditional and modern in great harmony in his house for the ambassador of Yemen. His ability to translate what his client wants into something that his clients are delighted with has won him various projects. He is currently responsible for a no of renovation projects both residential and commercial, houses and commercial buildings.



Adrian Teh (Associate Director)
• Experienced Design Architect, with a degree in architecture, from the United Kingdom in 2011.


• Worked in S.O. Architect in his Internship since 2009, and was involved in the design, documentation and development of residential and commercial projects.


• He is experienced as one of the design architects at CMC Design Works from 2011 to 2012, managing the designs for various projects including; Hotels, Luxury Housing, Residential Interiors & Education Facilities.


• Technical competence in Computer Aided Design and 3D visualization.


• Skilled in Compliance Coordination throughout project progress.


• Experienced in all phases from Design Development through to Certification of Completion.


• Active Project Management with clients, consultants, inspections & relevant authorities.


• Currently active in various Industrial, Commercial & Residential projects.



Yang M. Oon (Associate Director)
• Experienced Building Designer & Project Coordinator (Architecture & Interiors), with more than 10 years in a range of Commercial, Industrial, Education, Health, Hospitality, Entertainment, Retail, Office, Residential & Community based projects. Flexible to new & established knowledge to develop contextual design solutions for the challenges in this new millennium. Collaborative & Teamwork approach towards Sustainable Design with emphasis on inclusive coordination & communication. Available to travel as required. Process oriented & committed to ensure acceptable outcomes for the client(s) & community.


• Interned with S.O. Architect on a part-time basis from 1994 to 1998, manual drafting & documentation. Gaining experience in design, documentation and development of residential and commercial projects.


• Upon graduation in 2003, freelanced until 2009 with various commercial clients from Architects to Commercial & Property Developers. During this period gained most experience from the commercial, industrial, residential & property sectors, leading coordination of projects in accordance to clients, regulations, authorities & budget requirements. Engaged with Mantric Architecture since 2010 for expansion of experience into commercial based community architecture. Provided support for documentation & coordination on a teamwork & project basis.


• Currently active with S.O. Architect to support & coordinate various projects, from Feasibility right through to Certification of Completion Phases.


Technical Team

Leonard Gooi (Architectural Designer)
• Graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science (Architecture), Taylor’s University.


• Winner for ‘Green Wall Concept’ Competition by Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Gallery.


• Winner for ‘Design for Good’ Eco Design Competition 2013.


• Interned at Arkitek Ari Methi for 6 months and was involved in detailed drawings of KLIA 2 Food Court, handrail details for Evolve Concept Mall, and exterior designs for Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam.


• Worked in S.O. Architect and was involved in the design and development of residential and commercial buildings as well as interior design.


• Passion for up-cycling projects to raise awareness of recycling for the betterment of the world.


• Participated in site visit and inspections and meetings with consultants and clients.


• Experienced in handling and submitting documents to authorities.


• Experienced in 3D design and presentations.



Masriri B. Md. Sirat (Asst Architect)
• He received his degree in architecture from MARA University of Technology, Malaysia. Upon completion of his degree in 2004 he began working for SENIWISMA Architects Planner SDN.BHD. There he was part the technical team involved in preparing the design and proposal for the client, preparing tender drawings, preparing drawing submission to Authority, handling submission drawings i.e. follow-ups, attended site meetings, handled site inspections during construction works, handling CF application and also involved in 3d presentations.


• He moved practice in 2003in order to be gain wider experience in the architectural field. Whilst at FRID Akitek he was involved in the design and submission drawings for the proposed terrace house for Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd. There he gained vast amount of knowledge in housing schemes, high and low end. He also learned about costing jobs and working on projects with tight budgets.


• He then went on to work with ANWAR Architects, Kuala Lumpur in 2006. Here he spent the best part of the year being part of the design team involved in the design of the Auditorium at Wisma Felcra. In this practice he acquired the discipline of detailing. He learnt that good architecture was based on constant production of drawings and model making, always improving on the design. He was also part of the model making team
responsible for building a 1:1 scale of the portable booths that was to dot the auditorium. He joined S.O Architect in 2007.


• He was part of the following projects: Proposed terrace house for Permodaian Negeri Selangor, Auditorium at Wisma Felcra and 96 unit of terrace housing development (Phase 1A) at Alam Impian, Shah Alam.