Publish On - 15th July, 2019




Proposed Masterplan Option B



The Site is located off Persiarian Selangor, Shah Alam and consist of approximately 71 acres.

The site is divided into 2 Phases as briefed.

Phase 1 is   38.17 Acres

Phase 2 is   18.73 Acres.

Due to the site topography & required access, a single platform level is proposed.

We propose one main Entrance & Exit from Persiaran Selangor and utilising the existing service road from Persiaran Kemajuan as an Exit point linked via a second roundabout.

The main arterial road services Phases 1 & 2 terminating at the container yard.

There is a container yard accessible to all phases.

The Master plan allows for future subdivision into 3 or more Parcels if required.



Phase 1 - Site Plan Option B




PHASE 1 - Planning & Design (Option B)

  • The main criteria for planning is ease of flow of traffic, storage, loading and unloading. Truck & Car traffic flows all one way & are totally separated.
  • The brief calls for approximately 1,000,000.00 square feet of storage space.

The plan calls for a 2 storey warehouse of which a flexible portion may be taken up by a separate tenants. The tenants will have visible frontage from the main distribution road.

  • Direct Visible Presence from Persiaran Selangor & immediate access to the recreation plaza.
  • Separate Entry & Exit ramps to the first floor is provided for easy traffic flow of trailers.
  • Truck Traffics flows are clearly defined by the separation of the two blocks, to reduced congestion without a shared centre through-fare.
  • The truck traffic flow to the secondary exit point to the east, is easily accessed.
  • 2 separate car parks are provided at block A & B, with separate car access roads, to facilitate shorter walking distances to workspaces.
  • Construction of the main distribution road into the site does not require immediate construction of the retaining walls to the east. Initial savings on earthworks & retaining walls.




PHASE 1 - Planning & Design (Option B)

  • There is provision for an administrative/operational office area located at the center axis of each block for easy access.
  • The front of Phase 1 facing Persiaran Selangor shall have a double purposed landscape plaza with a water retention lake ( approx.700 cubic metres by the engineer ).
  • The design is a contemporary modern structure with curtain wall glazing for office areas and generally metal cladding to all sides of the Warehouse.
  • The architecture is pleasing, cost effective, with use of recycleable materials of steel, metal and glass. It is sustainable, easy maintenance and durable.




Phase 1 (Option B) – Truck Traffic Flow Plan – Ground Floor




Phase 1 (Option B) –Truck Traffic Flow Plan – First Floor





Phase 1 (Option B) – Car Traffic Flow Plan





Phase 1 (Option B) – Axonometric Views (1 of 2)




Phase 1 (Option B) – Axonometric Views (2 of 2)





Phase 2 - Site Plan Option B




PHASE 2 Planning & Design (Option B)

  • Phase 2 consists of 2 Lots

Lot 1 = 8.20 Acres

Lot 2 = 7.53 Acres.

& a Container Yard = 3.00 Acres

  • The foot print and built up areas are as per the attached schedule.
  • Warehouse units can be maximized as Multi-Storey warehouse units as shown in the illustrative board.

The container yard is accessible to all tenants of the lots within the site, with potential for a rail link.